In Focus

Garden Route International Film Festival

Cara Classen plays Sara in the upcoming South African comedy Mr Johnson – she talks about the film and her role in the movie.

1. Tell us a little about Sarah, the character you play
Sarah is a young woman who is very compassionate with an incredibly kind heart. She has a mundane and boring job at an internet café and yearns for more than her day to day hum—drum existence.

2. What makes her such a fun character to play?
I got to act alongside Paul Slabolepszy! He brings so much to every scene and moment. It was an honour to be creating worlds and people with him. He and I were able to find a genuine and affectionate relationship between our characters.

3. Describe Sarah’s relationship with Mr Johnson
Initially she just wants to help Mr Johnson because he seems so lost and confused, but soon she develops a deep affection and compassion for him. I think that she recognises this amazing zest for life and sense of adventure in him – something that she longs for in her own life. He becomes her inspiration in some ways.

4. What makes Mr Johnson such a special story?
In our modern society, old people are often pushed to the sidelines, this film challenges ageism. The film reminds us that there is so much life left to be lived, always, for all of us, regardless of our age. The elderly are so quickly pigeonholed, but they are by far the most interesting people we have. The film encourages us to live our lives to the fullest because we don’t know how much time we have been granted.

5. Describe your funniest moments on set
My little tea breaks with Drikus Volschenk. He is hilarious and the jokes were not always PG13.