In Focus

Garden Route International Film Festival

Q&A - Veteran actor, Graham Hopkins discusses his role of Bronson in Mr Johnson

1. Tell us a little about Bronson, the character you play.
He is a successful academic and family man who suffers a catastrophic tragedy, turns to drink and loses everything

2. Did he resonate with you and how did you choose to play him?
I have seen brick-red, beaten faces as his and acknowledged that there, but for the grace of God, goes and one of us. Playing him meant accessing the madness that lurks in all of us.

3. Describe Bronson’s relationship with Mr Johnson
He and Mr Johnson recognise, in one another, kindred lost souls

4. Tell us about some of the adventures Bronson and Mr J share
There are many, but quad biking was just the best!!

5. What makes working with Paul Slabolepszy so much fun?
Ive known Paul and his passion for storytelling for more than 3 decades. He sees the humour, the pathos and the extraordinary, in the everyday. He is also perpetually child-like, in the best possible way. I can think of nobody better to embody the spirit of Mr Johnson